jueves, 13 de marzo de 2008


Vaclav Klaus explica muy bien los verdaderos motivos que se esconden tras las políticas de CO2 y la propaganda del calentamiento climático. (Rebautizado como cambio climático, adivinad por qué..).

El tema del Estado y el medioambiente lo hemos tratado anteriormente aquí. Quien no entienda aún como los derechos de propiedad pueden salvar al medio ambiente, deberían conocer el precioso y grandioso arboretum de la UFM o ver lo que ha hecho en Chile Douglas Tompkins.

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Anónimo dijo...

The data need to be constantly evaluated and checked for errors, but recent satellite and balloon data seriously undermine AGW theory, if they hold up.

Different sources for warming produce their own unique "fingerprint" in the atmosphere. A solar induced forcing produces a much different pattern than a greenhouse gas forcing.

Greenhouse theory predicts a "hot spot" about 8-12 kms above the tropics.The latest data suggest that the greenhouse gas signature is minimal or completely absent.

There is, however, a great amount of longwave radiation emitting from the tropics, implicating the sun as the primary forcer of climate. This works its way towards the polar regions, where it does warm those areas.

So even if the Arctic has warmed, or the world has warmed, which it has to some extent, this in no way demonstrates that greenhouse gases are responsible. The most likely cause is the sun.

There are currently about 38 molecules of CO2 per 100,000 of atmosphere. We're adding about 1 molecule of CO2 every 5 years. Not much. If the atmosphere was that sensitive to trace gas fluctuations, we never would have gotten to this point.

Besides, CO2's effects on temperature are logarithmic. You need to add about 360 molecules of CO2 to produce the same effects as the first 40.

All the models predicting dangerous warming presuppose an enhanced climate sensitivity to CO2, which is just not evident in the real world. These models are often off by hundreds of percent.

I just hope the runaway train of climate alarmism can be derailed before it runs all of us over.

Han Solo dijo...

Interesting!! Do you still have the sources for the recent balloon and satellite data? It would be great.

And I also hope that this alarmism is stopped, but I'm afraid that nuclear energy threat would be the next... they have to FUD people, it's in their own interest!